Thursday, December 28, 2006

LED Ping Pong and Laser Video Projector

Here are two cool projects I found on the net while I was googling. The first one, "LED Dot Matrix Pong", is a multiplayer ping pong game which is played on a 5x7 board of LEDs. I've gotta admit it's really cool! I'd love to make one myself someday. :)

The second project is also really neat. It's a laser video projector which uses a single laser and 16 rotating mirrors to project video on a piece of paper. Pretty cool, eh? Be sure to watch the videos.


Anonymous said...

Neat job! I was thinking about making a green laser(used for star pointing in nights) projector to show some pattern or words on sky.. wondering if that's achievable or not.. any idea? thanks!

Ashish Derhgawen said...

I've got no idea! :) However, check out this 3D image projector: