Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Object Tracking using Camera and Lasers

Hey folks! Here's a little something I built about a month ago, but couldn't get enough time from college to write about it. Well, it's an object tracking camera panner which tracks any object moving in close range. Unlike my previous method for object tracking, this technique will track almost any moving object, irrespective of its color, using two lasers for edge detection. Depending on which laser is focused on the object, the computer decides which direction to drive. I came up with this idea after watching a video on SoR (Society of Robots) of a sumo robot, called Stampy. Stampy uses a single IR rangefinder for edge detection. Watch the video below:

I used lasers instead of IR rangefinders. My initial plan was to use a single laser..but then it occurred to me that I would have to shake the laser left/right continuously for tracking the trailing edge of an object. So, I decided to go with two lasers instead of one. :)

Well, I guess I've finally put my computer controlled stepper motor to some use. I might be using this object tracking technique in my future projects as it's working very nicely. If you're interested in controlling stepper motors with your computer, read my new article on Coding4Fun. Enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

Excellent project.


xheavenlyx said...

This is a pretty good idea. You must have thought of it yourself or must have been inspired from somewhere, but whatever it is, its good.

Here is something much more advance but the same idea, maybe useful to you for improvements.

av said...

hi ashish
the laser tracker was neat.
i love electronics/pc interfacing too.

where are you located ? - if you are in the new delhi area,i'd like to synch up with you.

avishvak at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

thought I'd chime in, I like the work, well done. Just an idea to help conserve power, you could still only use one laser, and just use a beam spliter in order to get 2 dots. A piece of plexi-glass would suffice, unless you had an old CD/DVD drive you could salvage, some have small cubic beam splitters inside.


Anonymous said...

That's a really good idea. cheers

Unknown said...

This is John from I see my Stampy has inspired you =)

Good job! I was already a fan of your webcam + laser idea already =)

Ashish Derhgawen said...

Hey John,

I'm glad you liked the idea. :)

Your website is the best. :D

Anonymous said...

hey ashish, what are you using BasicStamp or PIc, and if your using PIC, which version are you using.

Jasmine said...

Hey, I have a commercial application for this. If you want to possibly make some money with this idea... let me know.


Anonymous said...

Nice project! I am very interesting with your work... If you dont mind, i'dlike to know what programming language do you use for this project.. Thanks!

Ashish Derhgawen said...

@Lemoj: I used C# :)

Rupin Chheda said...

Hi Ashish,
Pretty nifty app that you have made..I like it a lot.
I am trying something similar for a project,and I actually do tyriangluation using recognition of a laser spot using a camera,
I need some info from your side,Do you mind sharing?
Let me know of your comments

Adel said...

Ur projects r awsome.Keep it up.
I'm very much interested in Robotics,Obstacle sensing,motion detection etc.
But i don't know where to start.Perhaps U can give me some guidelines or staarting point regarding Mechanical part as well as programming part.
Im a mechanical engineer student of BUET bangladesh. My eamil add. is

Olenhad said...

Outstanding brilliance Ashish!
Can u pls mail me the source code or at-least an application code for this project. My email address is :
Why don't you couple your obstacle detecting RC car with this one to form an intelligent object tracking robot...

Anonymous said...

hey ashish

i just want to ask you if you can email me the code of this?can you?

again, my email is


i am looking forward to your reply.


Anonymous said...

Hi ashish,

Very neat job on this project. I'm interested in robotics but I'm not yet oriented in the programming part. Can I have a copy of the compilation code in this project just for my study? Please send it to Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Hello, Ashish Derhgawen. I'm Fusan, Nice to meet you. my English writing was not good.

I like your project very much. Laser Guided Camera Panner, Object Tracking using Camera and Lasers.

How did you get it to search for the brightest pixel and return this to your program?

For Laser (it is LED, IR OR other). and you develop from C#, C++, VB or other?

Can you please send me the Source code to my email:

thanks so much

soni daman said...

hi buddy.i m rocky from gujarat.i likes ur project so much.i want to make this project.can u plz give me the discription & circuit diagrams of it? i m having to give my project after some months.plz give me all details abt it. & also tell me the place from where i can get the components of it..pls help me as fast as u can..

Unknown said...

u r really geinus, i love to do projects in automation, now i am intrested in doing projects in microcontrollers, can u assist me how to begin and how can i learn microcontroler programming,how can i learn to do project in microcontroller.

i am planning to do one project on counting gas cylinders using any tech or image processing, please guide me how to do and start with.

Automation engineer

Anonymous said...

pls send me the idea of project & how to begin thx alot...
my e-mail:

Mukesh Harsh said...

great idea with greater implementation. i am mukesh harsh from bikaner, rajasthan. can use pair of IR instead of laser so that the dots can be invisible on object ?
mukesh harsh

Unknown said...

hey Ashish, I'm a undergraduate student from korea.

I'm doing a project about stereo vision and i'm going to track and move my camera using two servo motors..

Then I saw your post! Is it okay if I ask you for the source files? It would be very helpful, please..

I'm not sure if you would see this comment very soon. But i'll be waiting for your reply.


Unknown said...

This is pretty good idea
i'm planning on working similiar project this semester but some concepts required OpenCV coding

yours is simple idea
could you mail me some concepts and references at

Anonymous said...

Great stuff thanks! This can be very useful for <a href="”>tracking</a> malicious users!!

Anonymous said...

your project is very good

please send report, coding etc… on my mail
pls send me thats helpful in my project

vishal patel said...

your project is very good

please send object tracking robot report, coding etc… on my mail
pls send me thats helpful in my project

Anonymous said...

please send the source code to my email

Unknown said...

Could you please send comptiled version to ?

Unknown said...

This is a great idea and such a great implementation.I like your project.Your website was really good.
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diptesh said...

pls send me this project code or some hint
my email ID Is:

Unknown said...

hello sir i am a student in computer science Engg and i have to make a project on software + hardware so i found your "object tracking using camera and lasers " project but i dont have any idea about embedded systems so can u help on what shall b the requirements of the project and how to design the project?

iklan baris gratis said...

It's really interesting project.

Unknown said...

can u plz send me report , coding of dis project on ?

Shareholder 95 said...

Could you possibly share with me the code you used for tracking?
My e-mail is