Sunday, February 04, 2007

RC Car hack

Hello folks,

Right now, I'm trying to control an RC Car from my computer. Yesterday, I bought a cheap RC car from a local toy store. As you can see in the picture above, I've already done some work on its controller. This will be a fun project as I could put a camera on the car and do all sorts of cool stuff!

Well..I hope I'm successful in controlling it. Keep visiting.


Unknown said...

Good luck on your upcoming project! Very, very interesting.

kernel_geek said...

You sould use sevral diffrent pins to control rsistance of the variable resister in the controller. If you get what I mean. The best speed control, is bang-bang, pulses of the motor, bigger pulses faster speed. Good Luck

Rahman said...

how do u control the parallel port i mean how do u switch on the data pins using ur code....if u assign each pin with a variable ...then what should u make the value of that ariable switch the pin on and off..

is it setVariable"Image_count",1
to switch on a pin

using roborealm

Anonymous said...

hi ashish , your projects are Wow , genious .., it would really help me in making projects

samir said...

hi ashish this is samir i am doing a project in which i am also using your concept of controlling a remote controlled car with a PC. the problem that i have is that i have laptop with no parallel or serial port i have only usb port what can i do to control it with a usb port and can i use a usb to parallel cable to connect to my laptop.would be waiting for your reply at

Unknown said...

I belive that this project is working great

PM NG Mark

Unknown said...

hello there., i am doing a project about computer controlled toy car as a surveillance., but i am only a beginner at programming., so i am having trouble on how to start the program of the project., i was wondering if i can ask for your program., thanks a lot., i will understand and gladly accept whatever will be your answer., thanks and godbless.,

you can email me at

thanks a lot

nndsrinivas said...

Hi brother i like your project
iam a student of MCA.
i am also trying to develop this project but continuously fails .
so please send source code to
thanking you