Monday, June 11, 2007

Opto-isolated Parallel Port Driven Relays

A few months back, I made a parallel port driven relay box for Engineer 2007 with four outputs which were opto-isolated from my PC. Since I didn't have opto-isolators, I built my own by taping LED/photoresistor pairs together. It worked perfectly.

I also combined it with laser gesture recognition to turn four appliances on or off using a laser pointer for Engineer 2007. I guess everyone loved it. :)

If you can make pcbs, and are interested in a simple little circuit
to provide opto-isolator protection to 4 parallel port inputs, and relays on the other 4 bits, as outputs, then check the offer on....

... which is a little way down the page, next to the Google panel, in
the paragraph starting "I have a third generatino, inexpensive...".


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