Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Possibility of misuse?

Here's a comment I received on my Cell Phone Controlled Door Latch post the other day:

Anonymous said:

Nice....wonder how many innocent people died because
you posted these easy
to follow directions for any Islamic Extremist to
build a command IED on your
site. You are obviously a very intelligent
person with either, no common sense
or no
sense of

I appreciate his/her concerns, and they are valid to some extent. To be honest, I was aware that my "easy to follow directions" could be followed for doing much more than just opening a door. Then why did I write about it? Well, like a coin, everything has two sides - one is the good side, and the other is the not so good side. There is already tons of information on the Internet on making bombs and weapons of mass destruction. Does this mean that the Internet should be shut-down..and people should stop sharing ideas with each other? I don't think so. If we stop sharing ideas to stop terrorists from misusing them, no one will be able to make good use of them either. Besides, this is what terrorists want..they want to create an atmosphere of insecurity, mistrust and terror. If we stop sharing our ideas to keep them from getting into the wrong hands, they will succeed in their mission. Moreoever, there are several scientists and engineers who work for these extremist groups. I'm sure that building a simple DTMF decoder wouldn't be difficult for them.

So relax, and be happy. My little door opener cannot worsen the already dire situation of our planet, let alone killing innocent people. :)

- Ashish


Anonymous said...

Keep the good work. I like to read you.

Anonymous said...

I read that comment yesterday and my thoughts on the matter mirror yours Ashish. I'm very impressed with your blog and I hope you keep posting your creative and interesting projects. I find much of what you post here to be thought provoking, entertaining, and educational.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I wouldn't pay attention to this guy or anyone like him. Keep up the good work!

Rahul Ghai said...

Accusing an innocent fellow of helping terrorists... Lengths people would go to for discouraging others. Tchh...tchh

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the oustanding work. I just found this site and it is really rekindling my love of engineering. I have been stuck in management for far too long. And I am a military officer too. Your work is not a threat. I am glad there are people like you.

Anonymous said...

There is a very high chance the person that made the comment was someone from the south, a republican, and an ignorant white person. haha

Don't worry about all these people man, love your work and keeping sharing your ideas!

Anonymous said...

I'm a southern white republican and I find Ashish's blog to be quite good. It was obviously a comment made with the intention of being funny - perhaps you should look for some less inflamatory material though.

Keep posting your ideas Ashish - I enjoy reading about them and seeing the fruits of your labors.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please keep working and thank you very for your sharing and contribution.

It is hard to believe you are so young and smart to implement the projects.

Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

may be the guy who commented don't know much abt internet.its a universal library.if u search properly u'll find data which is much more dangerous than this.like BOM* making stuff etc.
its all up to u that how u use ur techno knowledge.
so chill,and keep working on good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

hello ashish, i like also your inventions and projects .,
im a computer engineering students and our project is on how to control appliances using cellphone., i hope you can give me your ideas.,
i hope i can contact or know your email address., please reply on me my email address is mlumanta@yahoo.com thanks in advance..,

Unknown said...

hi i am SL here..we are rushing for our final year project.i saw ur project..i was interested to built tat...do u mind send ur detail project to me?how to create this?pls...

Anonymous said...

Ashish, I read both of the posts on the cell phone door opener and possibility of misuse. I have to agree with both of you. I do not agree with the manner of how the criticizer tried to make his point, but with the basic fact that you are a source of great information. The fact is that we are all responsible for our own actions. You are doing great things with your phones, but you said it right when you said that all information can be used for good or bad.
Keep up the good work. Maybe you will make a world-changing discovery. I enjoy reading about your latest findings.

SEO said...

built tat...do u mind send ur detail project to me?how to create this?pls...

philipkotler11 said...

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