Saturday, February 23, 2008

Having fun with Phidgets!

(Click image to enlarge)

I've just got a Lynxmotion - Pan and Tilt Kit from Phidgets (thanks to Microsoft!). The kit comes with two servos, a pan/tilt assembly, a Phidgets USB 4-Servo Controller, and lots of fun. :) The Phidgets controller connects to a USB port, and can control up to four servos simultaneously.

Here's a video - I'm controlling the pan/tilt of my webcam with a mouse:

I am really impressed by how easy it is to program and control the servos with the Phidgets controller. You don't need to have any knowledge of electronics or USB communication protocols for using it.

If you're interested in buying one , you can find it here -



ashwin said...

Ashish really cool project, I think you will be interested in face tracking project. I had done this using OpenCV library and python programming language.

Anonymous said...

hi Ashish,

its been a while since i have been on here and you are still doing amazing things.

This project is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashish,

Your projects are pretty amazing. I thought I was a gadget freak. But I think I'm nothing compared to you. Haha...

Unknown said...


Calvin Thomas said...

I'm also working with the 4 servo controller, But I'm having a problem with setting the servo position when I run my code.
Cool Cam you got going there!!!

Anonymous said...

Ashish what is ur mail ID ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashish, hope u doing fin :)

Any tips on how to program this system? do you read the position of the mouse (in each 1 ms) then move the camera relatively?
And what are the other tools used in this system (software tools)?

Unknown said...

You are my GOD!!!! I wish-hope be like you someday!!!

Riaan Deyzel said...

Good day Ashish

I am already following a few of your blogs, and this one is exactly what i need, is there any chance that you have a sample source of this phidget servo programme that you use with the mouse. Can you edit it please so i can click on 4 buttons up down left & right instead of just moving the mouse. Please help me with this.
You are awesome.
Thank you & regards
Riaan Deyzel

Riaan Deyzel said...

Please see post above by me, i forgot to give my e-mail address.
My e-mail is
Thank you & regards
Riaan Deyzel

Vincent said...

Hi Ashish, cool project, by the way can it be modified to work standalone with just a joystick? Or must it be connected to a computer?

Mino said...

I would be interested in your source code to :)

Awais Irshad said...

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