Sunday, February 17, 2008

New hobby - R/C airplanes!

I've got a new Silverlit X-Twin Eagle Wing R/C airplane for Rs. 1700 (about $40). Having a wingspan of only 9 inches, the plane is small enough to fly in your backyard, or in an indoor hall. Out of the box, I noticed that the plane was a bit tail-heavy. However, after I taped a dime to its nose, it flew like a dream! Overall, the plane will give at least 15-20 minutes of flight on a single charge. However, since I never fly continuously for more than 5 minutes, I usually enjoy several hours of flying before it has to be charged! Speaking of charging, the plane has a lightweight LiPo power supply, which can be charged by plugging the plane to its remote. It takes approximately 15 minutes for a full charge. Thrust comes from two pager motors mounted under the upper wing. Flying the plane is very easy, but it can be quite a challenge if its windy. It's a good thing that the plane is made up of tough EPP foam - it seems almost indestructible.

I'll try to shoot videos of the plane. However, it's a bit difficult to shoot videos and fly the airplane at the same time.....but I'll try. :)


Anonymous said...

Put an IR LED on the plane and have you computer track it :)

Anonymous said...

put a IR LED and a wireless micro cam and upload the videos here.

Joel Pinto said...

where do we get rc helicopters in delhi?
plz tell

Ashish Derhgawen said...

Joel - I got mine from


Anonymous said...

Hi. Great site. Someone suggested tracking it from your pc. Why not fly it from there by hacking the remote. If you could track it too, you could make it fly laps