Friday, October 12, 2007

I type a LOT...

...and I type fast. That's why you can't see most of the alphabets on my keyboard. Like most of you reading this, I can touch type. People who believe in two-finger-poke typing, always complain how difficult it is to use my computer.

You can learn a lot about letter frequencies by studying my keyboard. If you look closely, you'll notice that "P", "V", "G", "Z", "X", "V", "W", "Q" and "B" are the least commonly used letters. I compared my observations against the letter frequency chart on Wikipedia to check if my observations were correct..but I realized that "J" and "K" were also very rarely used. However, on my keyboard, these two letters have been wiped off completely! Why?? Well, the answer is index finger and middle finger rest on those keys when I'm not typing.

If you click on the picture below, you'll notice some more startling facts:

I guess I use the Enter, Backspace and Delete keys a lot too. It also seems that I use the right Shift key more than the left one. Humm..I wonder if everyone does that.

Well, it all comes down to this...I should buy a new keyboard.

UPDATE: I did some experiments today to check which Shift key I use more often. Here are the results:

ActivityLeft Shift Key
Right Shift Key
Writing E-mails
Programming (C#)

When I'm writing e-mails, I use both of the Shift keys. However, I use the left one more while writing code. The right shift key on my keyboard is slightly smaller than the left one..and I'm pretty sure this is the reason why its entire surface has been wiped clean by my pinky.