Friday, July 11, 2008

A new place, a new beginning...

My family has just moved from Delhi to Bangalore after a tiring 36 hour train journey. Wow..can you even believe that? That's the longest I've ever been on a train! Our movers haven't arrived yet, and our apartment is pretty much empty. There's no refrigerator, no TV, and no bed to sleep on! Well, hopefully everything should arrive within a day or two. The weather here is so much better compared to Delhi (which was very hot and humid when we left).

Moving can be stressful, especially since you have to part with lots of people and friends. Thankfully, this isn't anything new to me as I've always been wandering and on the move. If I remember correctly, I've moved a total of 10 times across 2 countries (U.S. and India), and 6 cities in the 20 years of my existence in this life. I wonder what's after Bangalore! :)